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Olgalsl - 2017.7.25.
Lieber Tibor, lieber Jol,
ich habe eure Webseite ber die Slowenen in Ungarn mit viel Freude gelesen. Eine wunderbare Seite mit vielen Informationen. Ich wusste nicht, dass es auch in Ungarn eine slowenische Minderheit gibt. Dank eurer wertvollen Arbeit konnte ich meinen Horizont erweitern. Ich wnsche euch beiden weiterhin viel Erfolg und alles Gute!
Anton aus Dornbirn - 2017.7.21.
Dear Mrs McGurk!
Thank you very much for writing in our guestbook.
We will write you an email soon.
Greeting from the Slovene Raba Region in Hungary!
Tibor & Jol www.vendvidek.com - 2017.5.24.
Looking for relatives or info for the Stajar or Zavecz family who lived in Apatistvanfalva and Ketvolgy.

My mom left in 1956 to Canada and I am now in USA. mcgurkm@hotmail.com
Angela Szebel McGurk - 2017.4.23.

Dear Nancy!
Thank you very much! Also we wish you Happy Easter!
www.vendvidek.com Tibor & Jol - 2017.4.15.
Dear Tibor and Joel
I wish you a happy and peaceful Easter!

Nancy from Chicago - 2017.4.13.
Ni za kaj! Vesela naju, da sva lahko pomagla! Dobila sva Vao e-poto in sva jo posredovala.
Lep pozdrav in vse najbolje!
www.vendvidek.com Tibor & Jol - 2017.3.11.
Thank you again. I'm sending you my email adress and I'll let you know about furhter development.
Lep pozdrav tudi vsem vam.
Sergeja Kozar - 2017.3.11.
Dear Sergeja Kozar!
Thank you very much for writing in our guestbook! Please send your email address to: vendvidek@citromail.hu and we will forward it to your relative in the USA. We already told Mrs Sukitch about your query and she is interested in getting in contact with you.
Lep pozdrav!
www.vendvidek.com Tibor & Jol - 2017.3.9.
Thank you for a beautiful page..I was looking for my relatives in Pa - found Mr. Sukitch (Suki). As my family also originates from Prekmurje (Borea and Martinje) - can you please forward me his contact - if this is possible. Thanks once again, many regards from Slovenj Gradec, Slovenia.
Sergeja Kozar - 2017.3.8.
Zdrovo, many thanks for your assistance in helping me find my Slovenian relatives. My wife and I traveled to Markovci,Salovci this past fall. We spent a few days as guests of the family and learned a great deal about my heritage. This would not have been possible without your help. I need to ask a favor, do you know of a book that describes the migration of the Vendi/Veneti from the Etruscans through Slovenia? I know that one exists but can't find the reference. Hvala lepa, Peter
Peter D. Korpics Jr. - 2017.2.27.
Dear Stephanie!
Thank you very much for writing in our guestbook and for contacting me!!! What a great surpirse!!! Yes we are cousins!!! My grandfather Horvat Jozef and your great-grandmother Donchatz Horvat Marija were siblings. I will write more by email. I am so happy you found us!! Thank you also for your compliments about our website about the Slovenes in Hungary!! Talk to you later :)
Tibor & Jol www.vendvidek.com - 2016.7.30.
Dear Tibor-I am the great-grandaughter of Marie Horvat Donchatz (Doncsics) and assume we are cousins from what I have read here. This site has provided more information about our ancestory than anything I have found or learned from my father. Thank you! My father is Charles Stephen Donchatz, Jr., son of Charles Stephen Donchatz, Sr. who was a son of Marie and Frank of Anawalt, WV. Charlie married Violet Harless but they divorced sometime after WWII. So my sister Monica and I did not grow up knowing the Donchatz side of our family. Please feel free to contact me at Oberempt@musc.edu. I so very much appreciate your work on this! None of us knew of our Slovenian ethnicity, only the Hungarian nationality of our ancestors.
Stephanie Donchatz (Doncsics) Oberempt - 2016.7.28.
Dear Anna,
thank you for writing in our guestbook. We suggest to contact St. John's Windish Evangelical Lutheran Church and St. Joseph's Roman Catholic Church which are both located in Bethlehem, PA. If your ancestors emigrated from Prekmurje to Bethlehem, PA, they are surely registered in one of the church records.
With kind regards,
Tibor & Jol www.vendvidek.com - 2016.3.28.
My brother and I would like to travel to Bethlehem PA to research our Prekmurje ancestry. Would you know if there is a center there? Thank you
Anna Kuhar - 2016.3.28.
Dear Mike,

thank you very much for your comment and the compliment concerning our website. Thank you also for your email. We have been running our website since 2005 and we continue updating it. Positive responses like yours encourage us to keep on doing our voluntary work.

It's true that a lot of Slovenes (Windish) from Hungary (Porabje) and from Prekmurje (Slovenia) emigrated to Pittsburgh, PA. Pennsylvania is in general a state, where many Windish emigrated to (Bethlehem / Steelton). This had also to do with the steel companies there, which attracted a lot of workers. 100 years ago, nearly half of the inhabitants of the Windish villages in Hungary emigrated to the USA.

We are happy that you love the pictures of the old tombstones on our website. The reason why we photographed them was to enable people from all over the world to do family research.

What your question about on-site genealogical research is concerned, we will write you an email.

With kind regads and greetings from Europe!

Tibor & Jol www.vendvidek.com - 2016.2.28.
Dear Tibor and Joel,

I came across your website as I was doing research on my family Szukics, who come originally from Felsoszolnok and across the border in Martinje. Reading about Windish has brought to light what I knew of from my parents and grandparents in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where many from the village eventually settled at the turn of the 20th Century. There was a Windish Club where everyone congregated, although at the time in the 60s and 70s I was too young to care. What I would do for the opportunity to turn back the clock!

I love your pictures from the cemetery in Felsoszolnok. When I was there 15 years ago, I realized how many family names I knew from the Windish club were the same I found in the cemetery. From Szukics to Kozar to Horvath and many others, it really was amazing how this little village supplied seemingly the entire neighborhood in Pittsburgh where I grew up!

I also took pictures at cemetery in Martinje, which I think shared the same church in Felsoszolnok before WWI. I have been piecing together my family through various records I copied at the church, old family stories and photos and now whatever I can find online via Ancestry.com and other sources. Still, nothing gives the context the way your website does and I appreciate your efforts keeping the Vendivek story alive!

I will keep looking for updates and more pictures! Keep up the great work.

Warmest regards,

Mike Sukitch

Ps I am planning to make another trip to Felsoszolnok soon. Are you aware of anyone who provides assistance in Genealogy research in the area that I could work with?

Mike Sukitch - 2016.2.22.
Geniale Webseite! Sehr schne Fotos und Bilder zu dieser Gegend in Ungarn. Informationshaltige Texte. Mchte gern mal diese Gegend besuchen.
Uwe aus Berlin - 2016.1.23.
Dear Mr Bedi,
We are happy we could help you and you liked our article! Tibor is pretty sure that you and Tibor are related. Some siblings and cousins of Tibor's great-grandfather Jzsef Bedi emigrated from Otkovci to the USA. Why don't you stay in contact by email: vendvidek@citromail.hu? We are looking forward to hearing from you!
www.vendvidek.com Tibor & Jol - 2016.1.5.
Dear Margaret,
thank you very much for your New Year wishes! We also wish you and your family a happy 2016! Thank you also for your kind words concerning our website! This means really a lot to us! Yes indeed, you can be proud to be Windish, because the Windish are hard-working and industrious people who made a large contribution to the development of Bethlehem PA!
www.vendvidek.com Tibor & Jol - 2016.1.5.
Dear Tibor and Joel,
Dear Tibor and Joel,
Thank you so much for your hard work in putting together this wonderful website with all the research you've done on the Raba Region. I am so proud to be of Windish descent, especially after reading your reports and the comments from my fellow Windish people.
I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a healthy, peaceful New Year in 2016!
Margaret Pinter McCarthy - 2015.12.24.
Dear Tibor and Joel,
thank you very much for your explanation! It was very helpful to me. I read your article about Otkovci-Balazsfalu and it was really interesting. In the article it is said that Tibor's great-grandfather was born in Balazsfalu and his name was Bedi too. Are we perhaps even related?
F. Bedi - 2015.12.24.
Dear Mr. Bedi,
Thank you for your guestbook entry! You surely mean the Hungarian term Balzsfalu, later also called jbalzsfalva. The Slovenian name of this place is Otkovci. About more than 50 years ago, the birthplace of your grandfather was incorporated into its neighbouring village ptistvnfalva (Slovenian: tevanovci) and thus disappeared as an official location. Maybe this is the reason why you did not find your grandfather's birthplace on a map. In 2008, we wrote an article about jbalzsfalva. See our website under: Our Reports A proper place-name sign for the inhabitants of jbalzsfalva/Otkovci. We hope we were able to help you!
www.vendvidek.com Tibor & Jol - 2015.12.19.
Dear Sirs,
My grandfather was born and raised in Balasfal in Hungary and he was Windish. I have been searching for information on this place. However, I didn't find anything, not even on your great website. Does this location still exist today? Could you help me, please? Thank you in advance.
Frank Bedi, USA - 2015.12.16.
Very interesting site. Thanx for your work!
Danuta from Warsaw, Poland - 2015.12.12.
Lieber Tibor und Jol
Eure Ausstellung und euer Vortrag ber das slowenische Raabgebiet waren einfach toll und sehr lehrreich! Nochmals vielen Dank fr euren Einsatz!
Es grssen euch Daniel und Manuela - 2015.9.30.
Merci beaucoup pour la prsentation instructive à notre cole sur la minorit slovène en Hongrie!
A bientt!
Sandrine Chappuis - 2015.8.14.
Dear Mr Kuzmich,
thank you very much for your guest book entry! Yes, we talk about the same ethnic group. In the past, the Hungarian Slovenes were often called Vendek by Hungarians and Windisch by German-speaking people. In the Slovenian dialect of he Hungarian Slovenes the terms Vendek/Windisch do not exist. Non-Slovenes used to term the Slovenes living near Hungarian and German-speaking areas as Vendek and Windisch. At the time when a lot of Hungarian Slovenes emigrated to the USA (at the beginning of the 20th century), they brought this term to the USA as well and created an English way of spelling it: Windish. Only later, with the founding of Yugoslavia and even later with the founding of Slovenia, the Hungarian Slovenes started being referred to as Slovenes too, also by non-Slovenes.
Tibor & Jol www.vendvidek.com - 2015.7.20.
Hi! My name is Steve Kuzmich Jr from Pennsylvania and I saw your website while doing some family research online. Great work! Congrats! I'm impressed! I knew that I had Slavic ancestors from Hungary and that they were called Windish. I have a question: How come the term Windish is commonly used over here in the U.S., whereas on your website you always write Slovene and not Windish? We speak about the same ethnic group, don't we? Thank you very much for your help! Your S. Kuzmich Jr
S. Kuzmich - 2015.7.16.
Hi! My name is Steve Kuzmich Jr from Pennsylvania and I saw your website while doing some family research online. Great work! Congrats! I'm impressed! I knew that I had Slavic ancestors from Hungary and that they were called Windish. I have a question: How come the term Windish is commonly used over here in the U.S., whereas on your website you always write Slovene and not Windish? We speak about the same ethnic group, don't we? Thank you very much for your help! Your S.Kuzmich Jr
S. Kuzmich - 2015.7.16.
Ciao Tibor e Joel, la mia cugina Monica dall'Argentina mi ha fatto notare alla vostra pagina web. Congratulazioni per questo lavoro prezioso. Vivo a Trieste e la mia nonna era anche slovena. Quando ero una bambina, parlava spesso sloveno con me, ma purtroppo ho dimenticato questa bella lingua. Sono molto contento che avete fatto la pagina web anche in inglese. Passerò la vostra pagina ai miei amici in Italia ed all'estero. La pagina si presenta molto informativa e strutturata. Lep pozdrav iz Trsta in vse najbolje! :)
Raffaella - 2015.7.1.
Hola! Me gusta mucho su pgina web y tambin la regin europea que presentan, verdaderamente linda! Desgraciadamente no hablo muy bien ingls, quiz pueden crear tambin una versin española? Lo apreciara mucho! Saludos desde Argentina!
Mnica - 2015.7.1.
Wir kommen aus Deutschland und sind momentan in Oststerreich im Urlaub und haben dank Ihrer Webseite diese Region entdeckt. Wir haben nicht gewusst, dass das slowenische Raabgebiet in Ungarn so schn ist. Vielen Dank fr Ihren Einsatz!

Hildegard und Thorsten - 2015.6.25.
Dear Mrs Voelk
Thank you very much for your message! Porabina means Porabian language. The region where the ethnic Slovenes are living in Hungary is called Porabje (Raba region). Porabina (Porabian) is a Slovenian dialect. In Prekmurje (Eastern Slovenia) people speak Prekmurian (Prekmurina), which is more or less the same as Porabina (Porabian). Prekmurina and Porabina were also often referred to as Windish language. For example a lot of Prekmurian and Porabian Slovenes settled in Bethlehem, PA in the beginning of the 20th century. They still call themselves Windish. Before WWI, both Prekmurje and Porabje belonged to Hungary. Since WWI, the Slovenes of Porabje in Hungary have continued speaking their Slovenian dialect (Porabina) and not standard Slovenian (Slovenina). At school they had to learn Hungarian and not standard Slovenian. Only for about twenty years standard Slovenian has been taught at schools in Porabje. May we draw your attention to the following category on our website: Porabina lessons
Tibor & Jol www.vendvidek.com - 2015.5.6.
I have received your email, and have glansen through your website. I will be corresponding when I have a chance to read through the entire website.
Tell me, what language is Porabscina?

Mary Lou Deyak Voelk - 2015.5.6.
Dear Mr. Horvat and Mr. Gerber,
You were correct, I wrote a letter in Slovenian and received a response via Facebook from someone in Markovci,Salvoci. This is the ancestral village of my ancestors. In fact, the person that responded is a historian with vast knowledge of the Vendi and has provided much more information than I ever knew.
She is the neighbor of my second cousin and she showed her photos and documents that proved that we are indeed related. The historian is the niece of my second cousins' daughter-in-law!!
This has been a very exhaustive (4 years) and exciting journey which had come to a dead end but with your help a chapter has closed and a new one has opened. We are now communicating via letters and Facebook and are lookingforward to meeting each other face-to-face, hopefully on the Summer of 2016.

Hvala lepa
Peter D. Korpics Jr. - 2015.4.26.
Dear Wiliam,
thank you for writing in our questbook and thank you too for your compliments about our website! Yes, the tombstone you saw on our website is the tombstone of your uncle Ferenc Zsampar in Rbattfalu (Slovenska Ves). How I remember it your mother's maiden name was Pint and her father came from Aptistvnfalva (tevanovci). Yes, it would be great to meet. Perhaps this summer.
Tibor & Jol www.vendvidek.com - 2015.2.22.
Dear Timor and Joel,
Dear Timor and Joel,
Hello Timor, I hope you can remember me. My Father was from Rabatotfalu and you visted my first cousin there Arpad Zsondy.
I really enjoy your website. The picture of the cementary in Rabatotfalu showed my uncle Ferenc Zsampar who was killed in WW2. Wow! I am planning a trip with my wife this summer to Rabatotfalu to visit Arpad. Also I am still trying to trace my Mother's side. You told me her last name was Pintar. Maybe you remember. Thank you and Joel for what you do to continue the history of the Slovenes. Hope we can meet one day. William Sampar(Zsampar)
William Sampar - 2015.2.18.
Dear Mr Korpics, please contact us via our email address (see above) and then we can send you some addresses you can write to.
Tibor & Jol www.vendvidek.com - 2015.2.16.
Dear Tibor and Joel,
Thank you very much for the information that you provided thus far. I have attempted to use the bela strani or white pages to no avail. I have even employed a translation ap that I have and find it difficult to obtain any information. Perhaps it would simplify things if I had physical address to correspond to. When I was in Murska Sobota, I saw address and phone listings of the Marcovci,Salovci area with Korpic in it, I am only sorry that I didn't make a copy.
Is there a way that I can obtain the information? I have a lot of work to do before my trip in 2016.
Hvala lepa,
Peter D. Korpics Jr.
Peter D. Korpics Jr - 2015.2.15.
Spotovani gospod Korpics
We recommend you to write to the parish of Dolenci (Cerkev svetoga Nikolaja in Dolenci). Perhaps the priest of that parish will look the names up in the church records. Or when you will be there in person you go direcly to the parish and ask if you can look them up yourself. Or you write to the municipality of alovci (info@salovci.si) and ask them if they have your grandparents' birth records at the registry office. However, to be able to make a research in their records, they will require your grandparents' dates of birth. The dates of birth are very important because Korpics is a very common name in that region.
Tibor & Jol www.vendvidek.com - 2015.2.6.
Dober dan Mr. Horvat and Mr. Gerber,
On my last post I said that she may have been a Svetecz. She was indeed a Korpics and married a Karoly Krosecz from Budinci.Her fathers name was Janos of this I am certain, mothers name is unknown. My Grandmother Mary had a sister Theresa, abrother Peter and possibly Ishtvan. Is there a way that I can access the birth/baptism/marriage and death records of the Santa Maria church in Markovci,parish of Dolenci? Thank you for all of your help. Hvala lepa.
Peter D. Korpics Jr - 2015.2.6.
There are some Korpi and Svetec families in Markovci. Through the white pages of Slovenia www.itis.si (click on bele strani) you can find out their details and you can contact them and ask them if they're related to Marija Svetec and Janos Korpi who went to the USA around 1912.
Tibor & Jol www.vendvidek.com - 2015.2.5.
Grandmother may have been a Svetecz although I can't be certain. Grandfathers name was Janos.Ibelieve that they were all from Markovci according to my records.
Thank you very much. Hvala lepa Peter D. Korpics Jr - 2015.2.5.
Dear Mr Korpics,
is the maiden name of your Grandmother Mary also Korpics? In order to be able to find relatives on your grandmother's side in Markovci you need actually her maiden name. Is your grandfather Korpics also from Markovci?
Tibor & Jol www.vendvidek.com - 2015.2.3.
My Grandmother Mary . Mariska, or Mari, emigrated to the United States in 1912. Probably attended the Santa Maria Church in Markovci, Parish of Dolenci other relatives are Karoly Krosecz from Budinci, emigrtated to the U>S> in 1913
Peter D. Korpics Jr - 2015.2.2.
Dear Mr Korpics,
thank you for writing in our guestbook. There are some Korpics' in Markovci, Budinci and in alovci. You write your name in the Hungarian spelling (Korpics). The Slovenian spelling is Korpi. We assume that your ancestors immigrated to the USA at the time when Markovci, Budinci and alovci still belonged to Hungary. Do you know the names of your Korpics ancestors who immigrated to the USA?
When you know their names, you can search more easily.
Kind regards!
Tibor & Jol www.vendvidek.com - 2015.1.27.
My ancestors are from Markovci and Budinci, Salvoci Vas Megye near Murska Sabota. I am attempting to contact anyone from the Korpics in this area for a future visit in 2016. I was there in 2014 and couldn't locate n
anyone during my short visit.
Peter D. Korpics Jr. - 2015.1.19.
My grandparents Anne and Steve Baysik were born in Hungary and came to NYC around 1905. I guess they came from Felosonok (spell check). I remember they spoke a Slavic language. I always thought it was Slovak. But now thanks to your great website I learned that they spoke Slovenian. Thank you very much for your help!
Kate Di Donato - 2014.12.18.
Ich bin mtterlicherseits Slowene und interessiere mich sehr fr die slowenische Geschichte und Kultur. Ihre Seite ist der Hammer!!! :)
Jochen aus Bayern - 2014.12.13.
I like your website very much, especially the reports and the pictures. This region looks really nice. Thank you for your hard work!
Nick - 2014.10.20.
Dear Mrs Lakics Soto,
thank you very much for your message and for the compliment about our website! You write that you come originally from Rnk. This was a German-speaking village before WWII. Rnk was also called Radling. Alsszlnk is a mixed village consisting of ethnic Slovenes and ethnic Austrians (German-speaking people). The German name of that village is Unterzemming, in Slovenian Dolnji Senik. We see that you have also German names in your family. Were your ancestors also from the ethnic German-speaking population in Hungary or are you ethnic Slovene? This three-border region in Hungary was one region before WWI and belonged to the Kingdom of Hungary, as well as Murska Sobota (Muraszombat).
Kind regards,
Tibor & Jol / www.vendvidek.com - 2014.8.26.
I lived in Ronok as a child. We escaped during the war. I just came back from visiting Austria & Hungary. My Grandfather Jozsef Csuk lived in Alsoszolnok. My Great Grandfather Matyas Csuk lived in Muraszombat. The other names I am researching are Toth, Dornfeld, Mesits, Cservendi, Preininger, Lakics, and Voros. These are some of the names in my father's and mother's family.
Thank you for creating this site. I enjoyed the pictures, stories, and comments.
Rose Lakics Soto - 2014.8.26.
Dober dan, Josef! Hvala na poruci! We sent you a link with the Hungarian names of the Prekmurjan villages to your email address.
Lep Pozdrav!
Tibor & Jol / www.vendvidek.com - 2014.8.26.
dober dan, Tibor and Joel - Has been awhile since last contact. Am spending nine days in Prekmurje (Otovci)from Sept. 12 - 21, 2014. Still think my paternal grandmother (nee Filip)might have been part Magyar? Discovered firts cousin to my late father in 2013. Karl Laposcha lives in Neuhaus am Klausenbach and speaks no Slovenian! Truly a fascinating area of the three cultures. Did you have older Hungarian names for Prekmurje villages, pre-1919? Thought you did? Drop me aline wheen you can. Hvala!
Josef M. Laposa, Indianapolis IN USA - 2014.8.26.
The place of birth of your grandmother must be Krievci. This is a Lutheran village.
Tibor & Jol / www.vendvidek.com - 2014.8.21.
I did contact the church in Bethlehem and that is the best spellings they could give to sme. So if you can guess different spellings that might help. THANK You
Richard Leposa - 2014.8.21.
Dear Mr Leposa,
you write that your grandmother was Lutheran. We assume that when she immigrated to the USA, she was a member of the Windish Lutheran Church in Bethlehem, PA. This church still exists and they have also an archive. Maybe they can help you there. Perhaps they know the correct place of birth of your grandmother.
Tibor & Jol / www.vendvidek.com - 2014.8.20.
Because I cannot speck Windish or Slovinian this is my best spelling od my grandmothers maiden name from her baptisim paper. Ylus Farkas^ i another part of the name Kata roj. Knaryec another part of the baptisim rev. poseshiik. yes she was Lutheran. IHOPE THIS HELPS YOU AND ME. Thank you.
Richard Leposa - 2014.8.20.
Dear Mr Leposa,
thank you for your message. Did you mean the village Krievci in Prekmurje in Slovenia? And what was your grandmother's maiden name and was she Lutheran?
Tibor & Jol / www.vendvidek.com - 2014.8.19.
I would like to hear about my grandmothers place of birth. The village might be spelled KONCHEVSI, the church name might be spelled Krichevsi In English please. THANK YOU She was born in 1889 somewhere near the Mura river
Richard Leposa. - 2014.8.19.
I would like to hear about my grandmothers place of birth. The village might be spelled KONCHEVSI, the church name might be spelled Krichevsi In English please. THANK YOU
Richard Leposa. - 2014.8.19.
Eine sehr schne und informative Seite. Vielen Dank!
H. Moser - 2014.7.17.
Sehr geehrter Herr Horvath, sie haben einen Artikel ber die Schnapsproduktion des Zoltan Horvath und der Gebrder Bedi in Stevanovci/Slowenien geschrien. Ich mchte eine Flasche Schnaps dort kaufen und bruchte die Adresse oder Telefonnummer von ihnen. Vielleicht knnen sie mir weiterhelfen. ich wre ihnen dankbar dafr


Bernd Guthrlein
Guthrlein - 2014.6.9.
Dear Margaret,
thank you very much for your precious information and for sharing it with us!
Tibor & Jol www.vendvidek.com - 2014.3.25.
On March 19, which is the namesake feast day of St. Joseph, the Windish Catholic Church, St. Joseph's, held a mass in celebration of the 100th year of the founding of the church. The cornerstone was laid in 1914. Although the parish has recently closed, the church was reopened for this celebration. Our Lady of Pompeii Parish, the Italian church, St. John Capistrano Parish, the Hungarian church, St. Stanislaus Parish, the Polish church, Saints Cyril and Methodius Parish, the Slovak church, along with St. Joseph's Church merged into one church, the Incarnation of Our Lord Parish at the former Saints Cyril and Methodius building. I know that the Windish (Slovenian) people of St. Joseph's Parish are still fighting the closure of the church. They are waiting the results of a petition to keep it haopen that is now in the Vatican. I haven't heard anything lately about the

Margaret Pinter McCarthy - 2014.3.25.
Sehr geehrter Herr Dr. Bahr

Es freut uns, dass Sie Gefallen an unserer Internetseite finden! Wie Sie unserer Seite entnehmen knnen, leben gemss der Volkszhlung aus dem Jahr 2011 knapp 3'000 Slowenen im Raabgebiet. Wenn Sie detailliertere Angaben zur Entwicklung der Bevlkerungsstruktur im Raabgebiet haben mchten, bitten wir Sie, sich direkt an die entsprechenden Organisationen in Ungarn zu wenden, welche offiziell fr die in Ungarn lebende slowenische Minoritt zustndig sind. Wir betreiben unsere Webseite unentgeltlich und aus persnlichem Interesse heraus (und nicht beruflich wie die offiziellen Stellen) und haben dabei die Intention, unseren Teil dazu beizutragen, dass die in Ungarn lebenden Slowenen nicht in Vergessenheit geraten. Aus diesem Grund informieren wir die Besucher unserer Webseite primr ber die Kultur und Geschichte der Raabgebiet-Slowenen, damit sie sich ein Bild vom damaligen und heutigen Leben im Raabgebiet machen knnen. Was detailliertere statistische Angaben wie Zensusdatenbetrifft, verweisen wir Sie, wie gesagt, gerne an die dafr zustndigen offiziellen Organisationen (Slow. Selbstverwaltung) in Ungarn. Auch wir wnschen Ihnen alles Gute und danken Ihnen fr Ihr Verstndnis.
T. Horvth, M.Sc. & J. Gerber, M.A., www.vendvidek.com - 2014.2.2.
Bisher habe ich nur von Ungarn in Slowenien gehrt, dank Ihrer Webseite erfahre ich jetzt auch etwas ber Slowenen in Ungarn. Ntzlich wre noch eine Basisinformation, vor allem eine historische und aktuelle Statistik. Alles Gute!
Dr. Wolfgang Bahr aus Wien - 2014.2.1.
Kompliment! Sehr schne Seite, gefllt mir sehr!
Klaus aus Krnten - 2014.1.3.
Welcome to 2014!! Happy New Year to all!!
mpm and jbm - 2013.12.28.
Keep up the good work, Tibor and Joel. It is much appreciated! I would like to take this opportunity to wish you both and also your website visitors a very Happy Holiday Season this year of 2013. May 2014 bring you good health, good fortune and much happiness!
Margaret Pinter McCarthy - 2013.12.21.
Hello Mr Horvath / Mr Gerber, I'm writing a paper about ethnic minorities in Europe and came across your website. I find your information very helpful and would like to thank you for your work! Greetings, Paul
Paul - 2013.12.15.
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Ljupco Bogdanovski - 2013.8.8.
Thank you, Tibor and Joel, for all the time, effort, travel and research you have put into this website. Your dedication to preserving the customs, traditions, and history of the Slovenes in the Raba Region of Hungary is much appreciated! (I take great pride in the fact that my grandparents were born here.) Margaret Pinter McCarthy, Bethlehem, PA, USA. 3 August 2013
Margaret Pinter McCarthy - 2013.8.4.
Great website! I did not know that there is a Slovene population in Hungary. Thank you very much!
Dimitrios Manolis

Dimitrios Manolis from Thessaloniki - 2013.8.1.
Tolle Seite! Gratulation! Meine Vorfahren stammen aus dieser Region und ich wollte schon lange einmal etwas ber deren Geschichte erfahren. Eure Informationen sind sehr wertvoll. Ich mchte mich dafr bedanken.
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Anonymous - 2013.7.5.
Dear Stephen Kutos! Sorry that we write to you so late. The family name Kutos you find particularly in the Prekmurian region of Slovenia, what was Yugoslavia before 1991. You write that your parents married in the Saint John's Windish Lutheran Chruch. From the Prekmurian region of Slovenia a lot of Lutherans emigrated to Bethlehem PA. The husband of my aunt is a Gmeindl, what is actually a family name from Austria. Perhaps you can find out the name of the village your grandparents came from. Unfortunately we do not know what Menjagavilla means.
Tibor & Jol www.vendvidek.com - 2013.1.9.
Tibor and Joel, Greetings. My father's family all lived in Bethlehem, PA. with the family name, Kutos. My mother and father were married in Saint John's Windish Evangelical Lutheran Church. Is Kutos a common Slovene name? Any last names I see in the guest book seem unrelated linguistically from this name. I know my father's family considered themselves Windish and lived in a Windish neighborhood. I believe that they were somehow related to the village of (not sure of spelling) Menjagavilla. I know my grandmother was Hungarian maiden name Gemeindel and my grandfather was a self described Yugoslavian.
Stephen Kutos - 2012.11.25.
Excellent site. It was pleasant to me.,
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Excellent site. It was pleasant to me.,
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Hi Tibor and Joel,

Just sitting here in beautiful San Marcos Thinking about our trip with you all.

Tibor would like to ask you to help me learn more about one of my ancestors, Wernet Studer from Bern. Is this something you might do? If so I will send you more information. Please use my email, bbrown@metricsystems.com.


Bill Brown
Bill and Jeanne Brown - 2012.8.29.
I am doing genealogy on Josef Ropos- possibly from this region. Any ideas how to find more information? Kate
Kate Baumiller - 2012.8.16.
I love this website especially the pictures of Alsoszolnok where my grandparents came from. Thanks for your hard work.
Nancy Kern Sweeten - 2011.11.30.
Thank you for this website and the information you have provided about this region. My parents left Szakonyfalu in 1956 around the time of the Revolution. I still have relatives living in that town also. Many villagers from this town now live in the Chicago area.
Julie Amundsen (szukichs)(csuk) - 2011.7.30.